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Packages that use AFTask

Uses of AFTask in si.wfcidata

Methods in si.wfcidata that return AFTask
 AFTask AFMemberRecord.createAFProcess(AFProcess process)
          Create a AFTask of AFProcess
 AFTask AFProcessManager.createProcess(AFMemberRecord member, AFProcess process)
          Create a AFTask of AFProcess
 AFTask AFTaskManager.getAFTask(java.lang.String tID)
          Return an AFTask object by ID.
 AFTask AFTaskList.getAFTask(java.lang.String tID)
          Get a AFTask object from this AFTasklist.
 AFTask AFTask.getParentAFTask()
          Get parent AFTask of the AFTask
 AFTask AFTask.getRootAFTask()
          Get root AFTask in PRof the AFTask

Methods in si.wfcidata with parameters of type AFTask
 boolean AFTaskList.add(AFTask afTask)
          Add an AFTask to AFTaskList.
 void AFTaskManager.bypassAFTask(AFTask task, java.lang.String astID)
          Bypass the AFTask.
 java.util.HashMap AFTaskManager.completeAFTask(AFTask task)
          Complete the AFTask.
 boolean AFTaskManager.forceReassignAFTask(AFTask task, AFMemberRecord member)
          Force to reassign the AFTask.
 boolean AFTaskManager.pickQueueAFTask(AFTask task)
          Pick the queue of the AFTask.
 boolean AFTaskList.removeAFTask(AFTask afTask)
          Removes the task from this AFTaskList
 java.util.HashMap AFTaskManager.startAFTask(AFTask task)
          Start the AFTask.
 java.util.HashMap AFTaskManager.suspendAFTask(AFTask task)
          Suspend the AFTask.
 boolean AFTaskManager.updateAFTask(AFTask t)
          Update the data object of task.

Uses of AFTask in si.wfinterface

Methods in si.wfinterface that return AFTask
 AFTask WFCI.getAFTask(java.lang.String tID)
          Returns a data object of AFTask.


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