Constant Field Values

public static final String ACTION_NEWTOPIC "NewTopic"
public static final String ACTION_REPLY_TOPIC "ReplyTopic"
public static final String OBJECT_KEY_POST "FORUM_POST"
public static final String OBJECT_KEY_TOPIC "FORUM_TOPIC"
public static final String ACTION_DELETE "del"
public static final String ACTION_UPDATE "update"
public static final String ALL "ALL"
public static final String STATUS_DELETED "9"
public static final String STATUS_NORMAL "0"
public static final String ALL "ALL"
public static final String STATUS_DELETED "9"
public static final String STATUS_LOCKED "1"
public static final String STATUS_NORMAL "0"
public static final String TYPE_ANNOUNCE "2"
public static final String TYPE_EXPERT "1"
public static final String TYPE_EXPERT_TOP "8"
public static final String TYPE_NORMAL "0"
public static final String TYPE_TOP "4"

public static final String EMPTY "empty"
public static final String VERSION "008"
public static final String AND " AND "
public static final String LEFT " ( "
public static final String OR " OR "
public static final String RIGHT " ) "
public static final String ZERO_TYPE_DAY "DAY"
public static final String ZERO_TYPE_MONTH "MONTH"
public static final String ZERO_TYPE_NOTHING "NOTHING"
public static final String ZERO_TYPE_YEAR "YEAR"
public static final String CLEAN_HARD_COPY "CLEAN_HARD_COPY"
public static final String CONFIDENTIAL "CONFIDENTIAL"
public static final String ELECTRONIC_FILE "ELECTRONIC_FILE"
public static final String GENERAL_HARD_COPY "GENERAL_HARD_COPY"
public static final String INTERNAL_USE "INTERNAL_USE"
public static final String JOB_REQUIREMENT "JOB_REQUIREMENT"
public static final String MODIFIABLE "MODIFIABLE"
public static final String PROVIDE_CUSTOMER "PROVIDE_CUSTOMER"
public static final String REFERENCE_ONLY "REFERENCE_ONLY"
public static final String REISSUE "REISSUE"
public static final String UNCLASSIFIED "UNCLASSIFIED"
public static final String TYPE_GENERAL "GENERAL"
public static final String TYPE_SYSTEM "SYSTEM"
public static final String DISTRIBUTION_TYPE_KEY "dis"
public static final String PERMISSION_TYPE_KEY "per"
public static final String ERROR "Error"
public static final String OK "OK"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_CHECKIN "CkIn"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_CHECKOUT "CkOut"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_COPY "CpDoc"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_CREATE "NewDoc"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_DELETE "DelDoc"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_DLPDOC "DlPDoc"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_EXT "ViDocExt"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_GET "GetDoc"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_GIVEUPCHECKOUT "QuitCkOut"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_MOVE "MovDoc"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_NULLIFYDOC "NullifyDoc"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_PUBLISH "PubDoc"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_RELATION "UpDocRelation"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_SUBSCRIBE "SubDoc"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_TRANSFER_DOC_KEEPER "TransferDocKeeper"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_UPDATE "UpDoc"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_UPDATEACL "UpDocACL"
public static final String ACTIVITY_DOCUMENT_VIEWDOCLOG "ViewDocLog"
public static final String ACTIVITY_FOLDER_COPY "CpFd"
public static final String ACTIVITY_FOLDER_DELETE "DelFd"
public static final String ACTIVITY_FOLDER_GET "GetFd"
public static final String ACTIVITY_FOLDER_MOVE "MovFd"
public static final String ACTIVITY_FOLDER_NEW "NewFd"
public static final String ACTIVITY_FOLDER_SUBSCRIBE "SubFd"
public static final String ACTIVITY_FOLDER_UPDATE "UpFd"
public static final String ACTIVITY_SHORTCUT_COPY "CpSc"
public static final String ACTIVITY_SHORTCUT_DELETE "DelSc"
public static final String ACTIVITY_SHORTCUT_MOVE "MovSc"
public static final String ACTIVITY_SHORTCUT_NEW "NewSc"
public static final String ACTIVITY_SHORTCUT_UPDATE "UpSc"
public static final String ADM_AMT_ACL_RECORDS_QUERY "AMT0000000032"
public static final String ADM_AMT_AdmConfig "AMT0000000002"
public static final String ADM_AMT_AdmGroupList "AMT0000000001"
public static final String ADM_AMT_AdvancedMaintain "AMT0000000004"
public static final String ADM_AMT_AMTRuleList "AMT0000000018"
public static final String ADM_AMT_ApproveStatistics "AMT0000000007"
public static final String ADM_AMT_APPROVING_DASHBOARD "AMT0000000034"
public static final String ADM_AMT_AttrTypeAdm "AMT0000000011"
public static final String ADM_AMT_AuthorityList "AMT0000000009"
public static final String ADM_AMT_BoardListAdm "AMT0000000000"
public static final String ADM_AMT_CosignStatistics "AMT0000000006"
public static final String ADM_AMT_EXPIRY_DOC_MGT "AMT0000000038"
public static final String ADM_AMT_EXT_COMPANY_MANAGEMENT "AMT0000000033"
public static final String ADM_AMT_EXT_LOG_STATISTICS "AMT0000000027"
public static final String ADM_AMT_EXT_NOT_ACTION_STATISTICS "AMT0000000028"
public static final String ADM_AMT_EXT_USER_GROUP "AMT0000000026"
public static final String ADM_AMT_EXT_USER_MANAGEMENT "AMT0000000025"
public static final String ADM_AMT_FORUMPOSTLIST "AMT0000000023"
public static final String ADM_AMT_FORUMPOSTSTATISTICS "AMT0000000022"
public static final String ADM_AMT_INTEGRATESTATISTICS "AMT0000000035"
public static final String ADM_AMT_ISODocSTATISTICS "AMT0000000036"
public static final String ADM_AMT_Keyword "AMT0000000012"
public static final String ADM_AMT_LogDocStatistics "AMT0000000015"
public static final String ADM_AMT_MGR_USER_IP_MAC_ADDRESS "AMT0000000030"
public static final String ADM_AMT_PDFWATERMARKLIST "AMT0000000024"
public static final String ADM_AMT_PermissionList "AMT0000000008"
public static final String ADM_AMT_PUBLISHSTATISTICS "AMT0000000019"
public static final String ADM_AMT_READSTATISTICS "AMT0000000021"
public static final String ADM_AMT_RecycleList "AMT0000000003"
public static final String ADM_AMT_REVIEWSTATISTICS "AMT0000000020"
public static final String ADM_AMT_SECURITY_DOWNLOAD_LOG_QUERY "AMT0000000031"
public static final String ADM_AMT_SelfCheck "AMT0000000017"
public static final String ADM_AMT_Statistics "AMT0000000005"
public static final String ADM_AMT_UNUSUALAUTOAUDIT "AMT0000000037"
public static final String ADM_AMT_VDConfig "AMT0000000010"
public static final String ADM_AMT_VDLogStatistic "AMT0000000014"
public static final String ADM_AMT_VDNotModify "AMT0000000016"
public static final String ADM_AMT_VFOrderConfig "AMT0000000013"
public static final String ADM_AMT_VIDTEMPLATELIST "AMT0000000029"
public static final String AF_ACL "DMSACL"
public static final String AF_ADMIN "admin"
public static final String AF_KEYHEADER_COM "COM"
public static final String AF_KEYHEADER_COMPANY "company"
public static final String AF_KEYHEADER_DEPARTMENT "DEP"
public static final String AF_KEYHEADER_MEMBER "MEM"
public static final String AF_KEYHEADER_ROLE "ROL"
public static final String APPROVE_DISTRIBUTE_KEY "keyList"
public static final String APPROVE_NEEDED_KEY "Approve"
public static final String APPROVE_PERMISSION_KEY "target"
public static final String APPROVE_STATUS_ACCEPT "Accept"
public static final String APPROVE_STATUS_APPROVING "Approving"
public static final String APPROVE_STATUS_CANCEL "Cancel"
public static final String APPROVE_STATUS_REJECT "Reject"
public static final String APPROVE_TYPE_CANCEL "ApCan"
public static final String APPROVE_TYPE_CHECKIN "ApCkIn"
public static final String APPROVE_TYPE_DELETE "ApDel"
public static final String APPROVE_TYPE_DISTRIBUTE "ApDis"
public static final String APPROVE_TYPE_OBSOLETE "ApObsolete"
public static final String APPROVE_TYPE_PERMISSION "ApPer"
public static final String APPROVE_TYPE_PUBLISH "ApPub"
public static final String AUTH_MODIFY "GrM"
public static final String AUTH_OFFLINE "GrO"
public static final String AUTH_OFFLINE_PRINT "GrOP"
public static final String AUTH_PRINT "GrP"
public static final String AUTH_READ "GrR"
public static final int AUTOVUE_PRINT 2
public static final int AUTOVUE_READ 1
public static final int AUTOVUE_SOURCE 4
public static final String AV_PRINT "AutoPrint"
public static final String AV_READ "AutoRead"
public static final String AV_SOURCE "AutoSource"
public static final String CART_EXPIRELIST "expireList"
public static final String CART_LIST_EXPIRE "expire"
public static final String CART_LIST_NORMAL "normal"
public static final String CART_LIST_OBSOLETE "obsolete"
public static final String CART_LIST_TYPE "listType"
public static final String CART_NORMALLIST "normalList"
public static final String CART_OBSOLETELIST "obsoleteList"
public static final String CHECKIN_MODE_EDIT "EDIT"
public static final String CHECKIN_MODE_NEW "NEW"
public static final String CHECKIN_MODE_NONE "NONE"
public static final String CHECKIN_MODE_OBSOLETE "OBSOLETE"
public static final String CHECKIN_MODE_REVISION "REVISION"
public static final String CHECKIN_MODE_USERDECISION "UserDecision"
public static final String CREATE_PROCESS_KEY "TaskID"
public static final String DB_EXTGROUP_SEARCHTYPE "EXTGROUP"
public static final String DB_EXTUSER_SEARCHTYPE "EXTUSER"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_AMTRID "AMTRID"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_AMTRULE "AMTR"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_AMTUSERID "AMTUID"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_ATTRIBUTETYPE "ATT_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_AUTHORITYRECORD "AUTH_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_BOARDKEY "Board_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_CALLCARD "CC_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_CATEGORYKEY "CAT_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_COMMENT "Cmt_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_COSIGNRECORD "CSignREC_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_DELETINGRECORDKEY "DR_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_DISTRIBUTIONRECORD "DisREC_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_DOCLOG "DOCLOG_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_DOCUMENTID "DocID_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_DOCUMENTKEY "DocKey_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_DOCUMENTTEMPLATEID "DocTemp_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_EXTGROUPID "EXTGroup_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_EXTGUMAPKEY "EXTGUMap_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_EXTRAFEATUREKEY "EF_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_EXTUSERID "EXTUSER"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_FOLDERID "Folder_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_GGMAPKEY "GGMap_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_GROUPID "Group_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_GUMAPKEY "GUMap_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_KEYWORDCATEGORY "CC_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_KEYWORDKEY "KW_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_KEYWORDKEYKEY "KK_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_NOTIFYRECORD "NotifyREC_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_PASOPDFTEMPLATEID "Paso_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_PDFTEMPLATEID "PDFTemplate_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_PHYSICALDOCUMENTKEY "PDoc_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_PHYSICALDOCUMENTSTORAGE "Store_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_RelationRecord "RD_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_REPOSITORYKEY "Rep_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_REQUESTKEY "Req_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_RESERVECARD "RC_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_REVIEWKEY "Review_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_SHORTCUTID "Shortcut_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_SIFTKEY "SIFT_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_SIGNRECORD "SIGNREC_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_STATISTICS "STATCS_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_SUBSCRIBINGKEY "Sub_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_SUBSCRIPTIONKEY "Subscription_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_TEMPLATEID "TempID_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_TRANSFERKEY "Trans_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_UMAC_SERIALID "UMAC_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_UNUSUALAUDITTEMPLATEID "UATemplate_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_USERID "User_"
public static final String DB_KEYHEADER_VIDTEMPLATEID "VersionIDTemplateID_"
public static final String DB_TABLENAME_BOOK "LIB_BOOK"
public static final String DB_TABLENAME_CALLCARD "LIB_CALL_CARD"
public static final String DB_TABLENAME_CATEGORY "LIB_CATEGORY"
public static final String DB_TABLENAME_COMMENTS "LIB_COMMENTS"
public static final String DB_TABLENAME_LANGUAGE "LIB_LANGUAGE"
public static final String DB_TABLENAME_TYPE "LIB_TYPE"
public static final String DEFAULT_ACL_AUTHOR "1"
public static final String DEFAULT_ACL_AUTHOR_DEP "3"
public static final String DEFAULT_ACL_AUTHOR_MANAGER "2"
public static final String DEFAULT_SUBSCRIBER_AUTHOR "1"
public static final String DEFAULT_SUBSCRIBER_AUTHOR_DEP "3"
public static final String DEFAULT_SUBSCRIBER_AUTHOR_MANAGER "2"
public static final String DEFAULT_SUBSCRIBER_BY_FOLDER "F"
public static final String DEFAULT_VD_TEMPLATE_ID "SystemDefault"
public static final String DEFAULT_VID_TEMPLATE_ID "SystemDefault"
public static final String DEPT_DOC_BRIEF_LOG "BRIEF"
public static final int DEPT_DOC_BRIEF_LOG_NUM 10
public static final String DEPT_DOC_NORMAL_LOG "NORMAL"
public static final String DES_STATUS_FAILED "false"
public static final String DIST_SITE_MAIN_SITE "Main Site"
public static final String DIST_STORAGE_FILE_TYPE_ENCRYPTED "Encrypted"
public static final String DIST_STORAGE_FILE_TYPE_PDF "PDF"
public static final String DIST_STORAGE_FILE_TYPE_REGULAR "Regular"
public static final String DIST_STORAGE_JOB_STATUS_DONE "done"
public static final String DIST_STORAGE_JOB_STATUS_QUEUE "queue"
public static final String DIST_STORAGE_JOB_STATUS_WAIT "wait"
public static final String DIST_STORAGE_REQUEST_PARAMS_KEY "dist_site_request_params_key"
public static final String DIST_STORAGE_URL_KEY "dist_site_url_and_action_key"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_ACS "AccessControlService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_AS "AdminService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_ATS "AttributeTypeService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_DMS "DocumentManagementService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_DTMS "DocumentTemplateManagementService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_FMS "FolderManagementService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_FORUM "ForumService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_FS "FlowService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_LIBRARYADMIN "LibraryAdminService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_LIBRARYUSER "LibraryUserService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_OMS "OrganizationManagementService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_PDAS "PhysicalDocumentAccessService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_QS "QueryService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_RMS "RepositoryManagementService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_SEARCH "SearchService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_SMS "ShortcutManagementService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_SS "SubscribingService"
public static final String DMS_SERVICE_SYSTEM "SystemService"
public static final String DOC_BRIEF_LOG "BRIEF"
public static final int DOC_BRIEF_LOG_NUM 10
public static final String DOC_ITEM_TYPE_CA "CategoryItem"
public static final String DOC_ITEM_TYPE_HD "HistoricalDocument"
public static final String DOC_ITEM_TYPE_KW "KeywordItem"
public static final String DOC_ITEM_TYPE_PD "PhysicalDocument"
public static final String DOC_NORMAL_LOG "NORMAL"
public static final String DOCUMENT_ACCESS_ROLE_MANAGER "Manager"
public static final String DOCUMENT_ACCESS_ROLE_MODIFIER "Modifier"
public static final String DOCUMENT_ACCESS_ROLE_OBTAINER "Obtainer"
public static final String DOCUMENT_ACCESS_ROLE_PRINTER "Printer"
public static final String DOCUMENT_ACCESS_ROLE_VIEWER "Viewer"
public static final String DOCUMENT_STATUS_DELETED "Deleted"
public static final String DOCUMENT_STATUS_DRAFT "Draft"
public static final String DOCUMENT_STATUS_EXPIRED "Expired"
public static final String DOCUMENT_STATUS_EXT_DRAFT "ExtDraft"
public static final String DOCUMENT_STATUS_LOCKED "Locked"
public static final String DOCUMENT_STATUS_LOCKED_APPROVING "Approving"
public static final String DOCUMENT_STATUS_NORMAL "Normal"
public static final String DOCUMENT_STATUS_OBSOLETE "Obsolete"
public static final String DOCUMENT_STATUS_OBSOLETE_APPROVING "ObsoleteApproving"
public static final String DOCUMENT_STATUS_RELEASED "Released"
public static final String DOCUMENT_STATUS_REVISE "Revise"
public static final String DOCUMENT_STATUS_WATING_PUBLISH "Waiting"
public static final String DOCUMENT_TYPE_CHECKEDOUTCOPY "CkOutCopy"
public static final String DOCUMENT_TYPE_ORIGINAL "Original"
public static final String DOCUMENT_UPTODATE_FALSE "False"
public static final String DOCUMENT_UPTODATE_TRUE "True"
public static final String DOWNLOAD_CHECKED_DOWNLOADTYPE_KEY "checked_final_download_type"
public static final String DOWNLOAD_PATH_KEY "dlPath"
public static final String DOWNLOAD_TYPE_AUTO "auto"
public static final String DOWNLOAD_TYPE_AUTOVUE "autovue"
public static final String DOWNLOAD_TYPE_ENCODE "encode"
public static final String DOWNLOAD_TYPE_ENCRYPT "encrypt"
public static final String DOWNLOAD_TYPE_FLOWRING_PDF_SOLUTION "flowring_solution"
public static final String DOWNLOAD_TYPE_SOURCE "source"
public static final String ENCODE_STATUS_DONE "true"
public static final String ENCODE_STATUS_FAILED "false"
public static final String ENCODE_STATUS_NOT_HANDLED "ign"
public static final String ENCODE_STATUS_QUEUE "queue"
public static final String ENCODE_STATUS_UPLOADED "justuploaded"
public static final String ENCRYPT_STATUS_DONE "true"
public static final String ENCRYPT_STATUS_FAILED "false"
public static final String ENCRYPT_STATUS_NOT_HANDLED "ign"
public static final String ENCRYPT_STATUS_QUEUE "queue"
public static final String ENCRYPT_STATUS_WAIT_FOR_CONVERTING_TO_PDF "wait_for_converting_to_pdf"
public static final String ENCRYPTION_TYPE_AUTHENTICA "3"
public static final String ENCRYPTION_TYPE_AUTOVUE "4"
public static final String ENCRYPTION_TYPE_FLOWRING_PDF_SOLUTION "6"
public static final String ENCRYPTION_TYPE_PDF "1"
public static final String ENCRYPTION_TYPE_SOURCE "0"
public static final String ENCRYPTION_TYPE_TRUSTVIEW "2"
public static final String ENCRYPTION_TYPE_TRUSTVIEW_IRM "5"
public static final long ERROR_CHECKSUM -1L
public static final String FILE_STORAGE_SUFFIX_DOCPEDIA "docpedia"
public static final String FILETYPE_IN_WORKFLOW_SECURED "secured"
public static final String FILETYPE_IN_WORKFLOW_SOURCE "source"
public static final String FOLDER_ACCESS_ROLE_EXT_OWNER "ExtOwner"
public static final String FOLDER_ACCESS_ROLE_EXT_OWNER1 "ExtOwner1"
public static final String FOLDER_ACCESS_ROLE_EXT_OWNER2 "ExtOwner2"
public static final String FOLDER_ACCESS_ROLE_EXT_OWNER3 "ExtOwner3"
public static final String FOLDER_ACCESS_ROLE_EXT_READER "ExtReader"
public static final String FOLDER_ACCESS_ROLE_EXT_READER1 "ExtReader1"
public static final String FOLDER_ACCESS_ROLE_EXT_READER2 "ExtReader2"
public static final String FOLDER_ACCESS_ROLE_EXT_READER3 "ExtReader3"
public static final String FOLDER_ACCESS_ROLE_EXT_UPLOAD "ExtUpload"
public static final String FOLDER_ACCESS_ROLE_EXT_UPLOAD1 "ExtUpload1"
public static final String FOLDER_ACCESS_ROLE_EXT_UPLOAD2 "ExtUpload2"
public static final String FOLDER_ACCESS_ROLE_EXT_UPLOAD3 "ExtUpload3"
public static final String FOLDER_ACCESS_ROLE_OWNER "Owner"
public static final String FOLDER_ACCESS_ROLE_READER "Reader"
public static final String FOLDER_ACCESS_ROLE_WRITER "Writer"
public static final String FOLDER_NOSET_PROCESS "FolderNoSetProc"
public static final String FOLDER_PROCESS_DIFF "FolderProcDiff"
public static final String FOLDER_PROCESS_SAME "FolderProcSame"
public static final String FOLDER_STATUS_DELETED "Deleted"
public static final String FOLDER_STATUS_NORMAL "Normal"
public static final String FOLDER_TYPE_ENCODE "Encode"
public static final String FOLDER_TYPE_ENHANCED "Enhanced"
public static final String FOLDER_TYPE_HISTORICAL "Historical"
public static final String FOLDER_TYPE_RECYCLE "Recycle"
public static final String FOLDER_TYPE_REGULAR "Regular"
public static final String FOLDER_TYPE_ROOT "Root"
public static final String FOLDER_TYPE_TEMP "Temp"
public static final String FOLDER_TYPE_TEMP_SOURCE "Source"
public static final String FOLDER_TYPE_TEMP_SUCCESS "Success"
public static final String FOLDER_TYPE_WORKING "Working"
public static final String FOLDER_TYPE_WORKSPACE "Workspace"
public static final String GLOBAL_PROCESS_NOSET "GlobalProcNoSet"
public static final String INDEXING_STATUS_DONE "true"
public static final String INDEXING_STATUS_FAILED "false"
public static final String INDEXING_STATUS_NOT_HANDLED "ign"
public static final String INDEXING_STATUS_QUEUE "queue"
public static final String NEW_RULE_OF_DOC_ACL "newRuleofDocACL"
public static final String NOTIFICATION_ACTION_APPROVECHECKINDOC "ApproveCheckInDoc"
public static final String NOTIFICATION_ACTION_APPROVEDELETEDOC "ApproveDeleteDoc"
public static final String NOTIFICATION_ACTION_APPROVEPUBLISHDOC "ApprovePublishDoc"
public static final String NOTIFICATION_ACTION_CHECKINDOC "CheckInDoc"
public static final String NOTIFICATION_ACTION_CREATEFOLDER "CreateFolder"
public static final String NOTIFICATION_ACTION_DELETEDOC "DeleteDoc"
public static final String NOTIFICATION_ACTION_DELETEFOLDER "DeleteFolder"
public static final String NOTIFICATION_ACTION_EXPIREDDOC "ExpiredDoc"
public static final String NOTIFICATION_ACTION_EXPIREDDOCNOTIFICATION "ExpiredDocNotification"
public static final String NOTIFICATION_ACTION_NULLIFYDOC "NullifyDoc"
public static final String NOTIFICATION_ACTION_PUBLISHDOC "PublishDoc"
public static final String NOTIFICATION_ACTION_UPDATEFOLDER "UpdateFolder"
public static final String NOTIFICATION_ACTION_UPDATEFOLDERCONTENT "UpdateFolderContent"
public static final String PDF_ALLOWREADOFFLINE "AllowReadOffline"
public static final String PDF_ALLOWREADONLINE "AllowReadOnline"
public static final String PDF_ASSEMBLY "AllowAssembly"
public static final String PDF_COPY "AllowCopy"
public static final String PDF_DEGRADEDPRINTING "AllowDegradedPrinting"
public static final String PDF_FILLIN "AllowFillIn"
public static final String PDF_MODIFYANNOTATIONS "AllowModifyAnnotations"
public static final String PDF_MODIFYCONTENTS "AllowModifyContents"
public static final String PDF_PRINTING "AllowPrinting"
public static final String PDF_SCREENREADERS "AllowScreenReaders"
public static final String PDLIST_DESSTATUS_FALSE "false"
public static final String PDLIST_DESSTATUS_LOCK "#Locking"
public static final String PDLIST_DESSTATUS_NEEVIA "#Neevia"
public static final String PDLIST_DESSTATUS_REGULAR "#Regular"
public static final String PDLIST_DESSTATUS_TRUSTVIEW "#TrustView"
public static final String PDLIST_DESSTATUS_WORKING "#Working"
public static final int REPOSITORY_TYPE_EXTERNAL 1
public static final int REPOSITORY_TYPE_ROOT 0
public static final String REVIEW_DOC_BRIEF_LOG "BRIEF"
public static final int REVIEW_DOC_BRIEF_LOG_NUM 10
public static final String REVIEW_DOC_NORMAL_LOG "NORMAL"
public static final String ROOT_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE_ID "ATT_0000000000"
public static final String ROOT_EXTERNAL_FOLDER_ID "Folder_0000000100_ext"
public static final String ROOT_FOLDER_ID "Folder_0000000000"
public static final String SEARCH_RESULT_EXCESS "Excess"
public static final String SEARCH_TYPE_AND "AND"
public static final String SEARCH_TYPE_OR "OR"
public static final String SUBSCRIBE_TYPE_KEY "subscribe_type_key"
public static final String SUBSCRIBE_TYPE_SELF "Self"
public static final String SUBSCRIBE_TYPE_SYSTEM "System"
public static final int SUBSCRIPTION_BOARD_DISPLAY_NUM 10
public static final String SYSTEM_ADMINISTRATOR_ID "administrator"
public static final String SYSTEM_ADMINISTRATOR_MEMID "Administrator"
public static final String SYSTEM_ADMINISTRATOR_NAME "Administrator"
public static final String SYSTEM_AUTOVUE_MODULE_ENABLE "#AV"
public static final int SYSTEM_DEFAULT_DL_TRANSSIZE 4096
public static final int SYSTEM_DEFAULT_IDDIGIT 10
public static final int SYSTEM_DEFAULT_TRANSSIZE 65536
public static final int SYSTEM_DEFAULT_UP_TRANSSIZE 65536
public static final String SYSTEM_DIST_STORAGE_MODULE_ENABLE "#DS"
public static final String SYSTEM_EXTERNAL_DOWNLOAD_ENABLE "#SH"
public static final String SYSTEM_FOLDER_ROOT "root"
public static final String SYSTEM_FORUM_ENABLE "#FO"
public static final String SYSTEM_FULLTEXT_MODULE_ENABLE "#FT"
public static final String SYSTEM_KEY_DOCUMENTKEY "DocumentKey"
public static final String SYSTEM_KEY_FOLDERID "FolderID"
public static final String SYSTEM_KEY_PARENTFOLDERID "ParentFolderID"
public static final String SYSTEM_KEY_RESULTMESSAGE "ResultMessage"
public static final String SYSTEM_KEY_ROOTFOLDERID "RootFolderID"
public static final String SYSTEM_MOBILE_MODULE_ENABLE "#MD"
public static final String SYSTEM_MY_LIBRARY_ENABLE "5168"
public static final String SYSTEM_MYLIBRARY_DOWNLOAD_ENABLE "#LI"
public static final String SYSTEM_PDF_CONVERSION_MODULE_ENABLE "#CV"
public static final String SYSTEM_PDF_SECURITY_DOWNLOAD_ENABLE "#DL"
public static final String SYSTEM_TRUSTVIEW_MODULE_ENABLE "#TV"
public static final String TV_MODIFY "GrM"
public static final String TV_OFFLINE "GrO"
public static final String TV_OFFLINE_PRINT "GrOP"
public static final String TV_PRINT "GrP"
public static final String TV_READ "GrR"
public static final String UNIT_TYPE_ALL "Shortcut"
public static final String UNIT_TYPE_DOCUMENT "Document"
public static final String UNIT_TYPE_EXT_FOLDER "ExtFolder"
public static final String UNIT_TYPE_FOLDER "Folder"
public static final String UNIT_TYPE_SHORTCUT "Shortcut"
public static final String UPDATE_DOC_BY_NORMAL "NORMAL"
public static final String USER_STATUS_DELETED "Deleted"
public static final String USER_STATUS_NORMAL "Normal"
public static final String USER_TYPE_ADMINISTRATOR "Administrator"
public static final String USER_TYPE_DOWNLOAD "Download"
public static final String USER_TYPE_NORMAL "Normal"
public static final String VDGENIDTYPE_USER_DEFINE "3"
public static final String VDGENIDTYPE_WHILE_CREATING "1"
public static final String VDGENIDTYPE_WHILE_PUBLISHING "2"
public static final String VDGENIDTYPE_WHILE_SAVING_DRAFT_DOC "4"
public static final String VIEW_FROM_DMS "DMSView"
public static final String VIEW_FROM_PROCESS "EFORMView"
public static final String WEBLISTITEM_TYPE_NORMAL "normal"
public static final String WEBLISTITEM_TYPE_SEARCH "search"
public static final String TYPE_DOCUMENT "document"
public static final String TYPE_FOLDER "folder"
public static final String TYPE_WEB "web"
public static final String AND " AND "
public static final String LEFT " ( "
public static final String OR " OR "
public static final String RIGHT " ) "
public static final String ActualPublishDate "ActualPublishDate"
public static final String ActualPublishDateShort "ActualPublishDateShort"
public static final String Att1 "Att1"
public static final String Att10 "Att10"
public static final String Att100 "Att100"
public static final String Att11 "Att11"
public static final String Att12 "Att12"
public static final String Att13 "Att13"
public static final String Att14 "Att14"
public static final String Att15 "Att15"
public static final String Att16 "Att16"
public static final String Att17 "Att17"
public static final String Att18 "Att18"
public static final String Att19 "Att19"
public static final String Att2 "Att2"
public static final String Att20 "Att20"
public static final String Att21 "Att21"
public static final String Att22 "Att22"
public static final String Att23 "Att23"
public static final String Att24 "Att24"
public static final String Att25 "Att25"
public static final String Att26 "Att26"
public static final String Att27 "Att27"
public static final String Att28 "Att28"
public static final String Att29 "Att29"
public static final String Att3 "Att3"
public static final String Att30 "Att30"
public static final String Att31 "Att31"
public static final String Att32 "Att32"
public static final String Att33 "Att33"
public static final String Att34 "Att34"
public static final String Att35 "Att35"
public static final String Att36 "Att36"
public static final String Att37 "Att37"
public static final String Att38 "Att38"
public static final String Att39 "Att39"
public static final String Att4 "Att4"
public static final String Att40 "Att40"
public static final String Att41 "Att41"
public static final String Att42 "Att42"
public static final String Att43 "Att43"
public static final String Att44 "Att44"
public static final String Att45 "Att45"
public static final String Att46 "Att46"
public static final String Att47 "Att47"
public static final String Att48 "Att48"
public static final String Att49 "Att49"
public static final String Att5 "Att5"
public static final String Att50 "Att50"
public static final String Att51 "Att51"
public static final String Att52 "Att52"
public static final String Att53 "Att53"
public static final String Att54 "Att54"
public static final String Att55 "Att55"
public static final String Att56 "Att56"
public static final String Att57 "Att57"
public static final String Att58 "Att58"
public static final String Att59 "Att59"
public static final String Att6 "Att6"
public static final String Att60 "Att60"
public static final String Att61 "Att61"
public static final String Att62 "Att62"
public static final String Att63 "Att63"
public static final String Att64 "Att64"
public static final String Att65 "Att65"
public static final String Att66 "Att66"
public static final String Att67 "Att67"
public static final String Att68 "Att68"
public static final String Att69 "Att69"
public static final String Att7 "Att7"
public static final String Att70 "Att70"
public static final String Att71 "Att71"
public static final String Att72 "Att72"
public static final String Att73 "Att73"
public static final String Att74 "Att74"
public static final String Att75 "Att75"
public static final String Att76 "Att76"
public static final String Att77 "Att77"
public static final String Att78 "Att78"
public static final String Att79 "Att79"
public static final String Att8 "Att8"
public static final String Att80 "Att80"
public static final String Att81 "Att81"
public static final String Att82 "Att82"
public static final String Att83 "Att83"
public static final String Att84 "Att84"
public static final String Att85 "Att85"
public static final String Att86 "Att86"
public static final String Att87 "Att87"
public static final String Att88 "Att88"
public static final String Att89 "Att89"
public static final String Att9 "Att9"
public static final String Att90 "Att90"
public static final String Att91 "Att91"
public static final String Att92 "Att92"
public static final String Att93 "Att93"
public static final String Att94 "Att94"
public static final String Att95 "Att95"
public static final String Att96 "Att96"
public static final String Att97 "Att97"
public static final String Att98 "Att98"
public static final String Att99 "Att99"
public static final String AttributeTypeID "AttributeTypeID"
public static final String AttributeTypeName "AttributeTypeName"
public static final String AuthorDept "AuthorDept"
public static final String AuthorName "AuthorName"
public static final String BelongToDept "BelongToDept"
public static final String Click "Click"
public static final String CreationDate "CreationDate"
public static final String CreationDateShort "CreationDateShort"
public static final int DefaultColumnWidth 100
public static final String Description "Description"
public static final String DocSecurityLevel "DocSecurityLevel"
public static final String DocumentID "DocumentID"
public static final String DocumentKey "DocumentKey"
public static final String ExpiryDate "ExpiryDate"
public static final String ExpiryDateShort "ExpiryDateShort"
public static final String File "File"
public static final String ItemType "ItemType"
public static final String Keeper "Keeper"
public static final String KeeperDept "KeeperDept"
public static final String LastUpdateDate "LastUpdateDate"
public static final String LastUpdateDateShort "LastUpdateDateShort"
public static final String Name "Name"
public static final String ObsoleteDate "ObsoleteDate"
public static final String ObsoleteDateShort "ObsoleteDateShort"
public static final String ParentFolderID "ParentFolderID"
public static final String ParentFolderName "ParentFolderName"
public static final String PlanPublishDate "PlanPublishDate"
public static final String PlanPublishDateShort "PlanPublishDateShort"
public static final String PublishFolderID "PublishFolderID"
public static final String PublishFolderName "PublishFolderName"
public static final String RelatedDept "RelatedDept"
public static final String SerialID "SerialID"
public static final String Status "Status"
public static final String VersionID "VersionID"
public static final String TYPE_DOWNLOAD "DOWNLOAD"
public static final String TYPE_JVUE_DOWNLOAD "JVUE_DOWNLOAD"
public static final String TYPE_JVUE_PRINT "JVUE_PRINT"
public static final String TYPE_JVUE_READ "JVUE_READ"
public static final String TYPE_READ "READ"
public static final String APPLICATION_NAME "Application-Name"
public static final String AUTHOR "Author"
public static final String CHARACTER_COUNT "Character Count"
public static final String COMMENTS "Comments"
public static final String CONTENTS "Contents"
public static final String DOC_KEY "DocKey"
public static final String DOC_NAME "DocName"
public static final String FILE_NAME "Filename"
public static final String FILE_SIZE "FileSize"
public static final String FILE_TYPE "FileType"
public static final String FOLDER_ID "FolderID"
public static final String FULL_PATH "FullPath"
public static final String KEYWORDS "Keywords"
public static final String LAST_AUTHOR "Last-Author"
public static final String LAST_MODIFIED "Last-modified"
public static final String LAST_PRINTED "Last-Printed"
public static final String LAST_SAVED "Last-Save-Date"
public static final String LOCATION "LOCATION"
public static final String PAGE_COUNT "Page-Count"
public static final String PDOC_KEY "PDocKey"
public static final String REVISION_NUMBER "Revision-Number"
public static final String SUMMARY "summary"
public static final String TEMPLATE "Template"
public static final String TERM_KEY "DocKey_UploadTime"
public static final String TITLE "Title"
public static final String WORD_COUNT "Word-Count"
public static final String COLOR_BLACK "BLACK"
public static final String COLOR_BLUE "BLUE"
public static final String COLOR_DARK_GRAY "DARK_GRAY"
public static final String COLOR_GRAY "GRAY"
public static final String COLOR_GREEN "GREEN"
public static final String COLOR_LIGHT_GRAY "LIGHT_GRAY"
public static final String COLOR_MAGENTA "MAGENTA"
public static final String COLOR_ORANGE "ORANGE"
public static final String COLOR_PINK "PINK"
public static final String COLOR_RED "RED"
public static final String COLOR_YELLOW "YELLOW"
public static final String TYPE_ISO4 "iso4"
public static final String TYPE_NORMAL "normal"
public static final String ACTION_DELETE "del"
public static final String ACTION_UPDATE "update"
public static final String AND " AND "
public static final String LEFT " ( "
public static final String OR " OR "
public static final String RIGHT " ) "
public static final String APPROVE_STATISTICS_TYPE "ApproveStatistics"
public static final String COSIGN_STATISTICS_TYPE "CosignStatistics"
public static final String STATISTICS_TYPE "Statistics"
public static final String STATISTICS_OPERATION_LOGIN "LOGIN"
public static final String STATISTICS_OPERATION_READ "READ"
public static final String FIELD_NAME "name"
public static final String FIELD_TYPE "itemType"
public static final String DATATYPE_IP "IP"
public static final String DATATYPE_MAC "MAC"

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