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Packages that use UserIPMacAddress

Uses of UserIPMacAddress in ogre.dms.service

Methods in ogre.dms.service that return UserIPMacAddress
 UserIPMacAddress AdminService.getUserIPAddress(String ip)
          Retrieve user's ip address setting by given ip.
 UserIPMacAddress AdminService.getUserIPMacAddressByDataValue(String macOrIP)
          Get user's ip/mac address information according to the given value
 UserIPMacAddress AdminService.getUserIPMacAddressBySerialID(String serialID)
          Retrieve user's ip/mac address setting by given serial id.
 UserIPMacAddress AdminService.getUserMacAddress(String mac)
          Retrieve user's mac address setting by given mac id.

Methods in ogre.dms.service with parameters of type UserIPMacAddress
 DMSResult AdminService.saveUserIPMacAddress(UserIPMacAddress ipmac)
          Add/Update user's ip/mac address setting.
 boolean AdminService.updateUserIPMacAddress(UserIPMacAddress ipmac)
          Update user's ip/mac address setting.

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