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Packages that use NotifyMember

Uses of NotifyMember in ogre.dms.service

Methods in ogre.dms.service that return NotifyMember
 NotifyMember FlowService.newNotifyMember(HashMap hm)

Uses of NotifyMember in ogre.dms.util.client

Methods in ogre.dms.util.client with parameters of type NotifyMember
 void FlowClient.newNotifyMember(NotifyMember noMember)
          Bring Ntification Member to DMS Example: var dataMap = Server.getGlobals(MyTask.getRootID()); var reqKey = dataMap.get("ReqKey"); var dmsFlowClient = new Packages.ogre.dms.util.client.FlowClient(dataMap.get("DMSServerIP"), dataMap .get("DMSServerPort")); var notifyMemMap = new java.util.HashMap(); notifyMemMap.put("MemberID", memID); notifyMemMap.put("DocKey", docKey); dmsFlowClient.newDistributionMember(notifyMemMap);

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